Bokken / Jo Storage & Care

In regards to the Aikido Bokken storage, it is best if you have a stand for it but in reality it takes up a lot of space so people usually place it upright against something. The best way to store a bokken upright is to place the handle towards the floor.

If you put the tip towards the floor instead, the aikido bokken may lose its straight stature. If you store it properly, it will decrease the chances of this happening to your bokken.

  • It may sound obvious but the aikido bokken and Jo are made of wood so if they are subjected to humidity, they will start to curve. Hence, you should store them in a dry, cool area.
  • Even if you have a stand, if you place them too many on that stand, the bokken underneath may become damaged or bent, so make sure not to overload the stand.
  • It is best to wipe with a dry cloth from time to time especially around the handle to prevent sweat stains from developing.