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Designed Only for Aikido

Reinforced in the seams and joints most vulnerable to wear and tear, the Gi is made to last longer.

Designed Only for Aikido

Durable "Rice-grain" weave

Carefully cut and sewn through traditional methods using high-end materials, the Gi is durable more than ever before helping maintain the beautiful texture longer.

Durable 'Rice-grain' weave

Comfortable Lapels

Made with the specific movements of Aikido in mind, the lapels of the Gi are made softer than the industry standard offering you maximum comfort.

Comfortable Lapels


I now own multiple Minamoto Shokai Gi’s and am very pleased with them. I have owned very expensive Japanese made gi’s That have similar craftsmanship and material quality, however what distinguishes Minamoto Shokai from others is their attention to functional fit.

The arm holes are cut in such a way that the hi jacket moves with you even as you raise your arms above your head allowing for more athletic and unrestrained movement.

Many traditional, very high quality Japanese gi’s are not designed and cut with the same attention to enabling full range of motion. Thank you Minamoto Shokai for your thoughtful approach to design. I do have two suggestions for improvement. In the larger sizes there is room for a Size #7 that has a shorter Hishizashi section below the seam so that the overall length starts out closer to 98-100cm. I am 190.5cm tall and although I need a size 7 for my 118cm chest, the normal size 7 is a tad long.

The side vents on the larger sizes are also a bit short. I have mine altered to 25cm in length in order to maintain more range of motion at the hips. Overall, my double layer Minamoto Shokai gi’s are the best I have ever come across in fit, range of motion, and comfort. I have given away all of my other high manufacturing quality gi jackets and only train with Minamoto Shokai.

Koryu Student

Good for aikijutsu and kenjutsu on an as needed basis. They're especially helpful when drilling reps from seiza or working on hardwood floors. The padding is not thick but still provides a good amount of comfort, and the spandex in the back can be a little irritating agains sweaty skin. In any case it's worth the long-term health benefit.


This is an excellent lightweight gi and the most comfortable I've owned. It soft enough to wear lounging around the house but strong for any of the abuse I've given it in class, over the last three months.

Randolph J Westfall

Excellent quality Hakama. Not only beautiful but also great fit and comfortable. I always wanted this Hakama from Aiki Japan because my Sensei is wearing it and it looks excellent! So I got mine as I received my 3rd Dan. The color of mine is still fresh deep-navy color but it will get lighter navy color like my sensei's after the several washing, I suppose. I am very pleased with this Hakama.

John Woods

First of all, this gi is AMAZING. IEfve had it for almost 2 years and it is still in a great shape. I practice Aikido,Judo & Karate 4days/Week. This Gi Beats any other Aikido Gi I have ever worn. I donEft think I can wear any other Gi from different supplier.

Grerory Wilson