Double Layered Aikido Gi [DX]

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Durable and Heavyweight

This Aikido Gi does NOT come with Pants, Obi or Hakama.
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  • Double Layer
  • Back Seamed
  • Thick&Heavy
  • Durable
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WEIGHT Heavyweight (Size #4: 1.5kg / 3.3lb)
LAYER Double Layer
FABRIC Heavyweight Bleached Preshrunk 100% Cotton
WEAVE Tight, double, Traditional 'Orizashi' Weave
TEXTURE Solid & Thick
  • Reinforced Seams
  • Heavy Lapel for Grappling
  • Excellent Choice for Intensive Practice
  • Recommended for Intermediate to Advanced Aikidoka

Double Layer Aikido Gi [DX] is our most durable and heavyweight Aikido Gi. For Aikido enthusiasts who find that no Aikido Gi can withstand the their demanding abuse, this Aikido Gi is for you! As with the majority of our Aikido Gi, areas most vulnerable to wear and tear are reinforced by extra stitching and patching.

This Premium Aikido Gi is also ideal for those in cold climate areas as it provides excellent thermal insulation while wicking away body sweat.

Designed Only for Aikido

Reinforced in the seams and joints most vulnerable to wear and tear, the Aikido Gi is made to last longer.

Durable "Orizashi" weave

Carefully cut and sewn through traditional methods using high-end materials, the Aikido Gi is durable more than ever before helping maintain the beautiful texture longer. 

Comfortable Lapels

Made with the specific movements of Aikido in mind, the lapels of the Aikido Gi are made softer than the industry standard offering you maximum comfort. 

The Highest Quality

Product of world-renowned manufacture “MINAMOTO SHOKAI”. Quality Guaranteed. 

Particular to Aikido Gi is the reinforced shoulder section that extends further than that of other Aikido Gi. This prevents rippage around the shoulder area for both grappling and defense. Also unique to Aikido Gi is the soft and pliable collar that meets heavy grasping in this area.

  • May shrink 1 to 2 inches after the first washing.
  • Do not use Dryer, hang dry only.
  • Stretch the Gi after the first washing to prevent shrinking.
  • The width of shrinkage may differ from the water temperature, soaking time and drying method.
  • No returns accepted after washing.

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