"TENMA" Premium Aikido Pants

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Comfortable & quick dry

  • Very Soft
  • Light
  • Quick Dry
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WEIGHT Lightweight (Size #4: 490g /1.1lb)
FABRIC Touchably Softened 100% Cotton
TEXTURE Super Soft & Comfortable
WEAVE Japanese Traditional Diamond Patterned 'Hishizashi' Weave
  • Best Match with Tenma Softened Aikido Gi
  • Drawstring Waist for Perfect Fit
  • Extra Layer Sewn at Knee for Maximum Durability
  • Recommended for All Levels Including Beginners

Aiki Japan’s Tenma Premium Aikido Pants can be paired with our Tenma Softened Aikido Gi seamlessly. Great for those who sweat a Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, advanced, or even an instructor, you will be able to feel the quality and precision put into the manufacture of these Lightweight Softened Aikido Pants. Similar to the Aikido hakama line, the seams are all reinforced as well as include the ant-tear patches. The bleached lightweight preshrunk cotton used for our Aikido Pants was chosen for its comfort and Lightweight feel.

The Aikido Pants incorporate larger surface areas of reinforcing material at the knees than those of other Gi's. The reinforced section extends from above the kneecap down to the bottom hem of the Aikido pants. This is essential when advancing on the knees, to prevent the Aikido pants cloth from tearing and the friction with the mat or floor.

  • May shrink 1 to 2 inches after the first washing.
  • Do not use Dryer, hang dry only.
  • Stretch the Gi after the first washing to prevent shrinking.
  • The width of shrinkage may differ from the water temperature, soaking time and drying method.
  • No returns accepted after washing.